About Me


I am motivated to pursue a Master in Social Work by my strong passion for helping children and families in need. I desire to practice therapy with children who are struggling to cope with the adversity associated with poverty while also finding resources to benefit their families. I firmly believe that with the right influence on a person’s life, they can break the generational cycle of poverty and find a way out of the detrimental situations involved with living in such situations. I hope to be that influence that can change life’s path for many families. Everyone needs a positive person in their life to uplift and give hope, and I know I can become an effective and uplifting presence through the training this program provides.

I am also motivated to pursue this degree by my belief in a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and education. I recognize the importance of education and possess the belief that obtaining a Master degree will give me many more opportunities to advance my career in many ways. To network with others who have the similar passions is how ideas become realities and how political policies grow to fit the system better. My work experience thus far has also shown me that having a Master degree in Social Work will coincide seamlessly with my Bachelor of Science in Family Life Education-Child Development. My undergraduate degree has given me different perspectives to working with families and children. It will be a great stepping stone to a Master degree in Social Work.

Lastly, I am motivated by my mother. My mother has been a practicing Social Worker for the last 28 years, and seeing the impact that she has made on the community I grew up in is inspirational in itself. I grew up in southeastern Oklahoma where generational poverty and all of the effects of such are rampant. Seeing my mother be a positive influence on many different populations in the area inspires me to do the same. Between watching my friends and classmates suffer through an imperfect system, seeing the unbelievable conditions where their parents brought them to live, and observing my mom fight for them made me acutely aware of the great need for social work in our state. Every night my mom came home a heroine to someone after usually uphill battles, and even sometimes being met with too much resistance, but this is work with value, and with purpose.

I’m just a small town girl trying to make my dreams a reality! I love puppies, onion rings, soft blankets and coffee. Sending time with my friends and family is what I live for. I can’t wait to see where this crazy life takes me!