Electronics and children: good or bad?

In infants and toddlers, there is little evidence that supports that technology is a positiveĀ thing. One of the negative outcomes is that in their later years, children may experience attention difficulties from overstimulation caused by the technological devices. Another negative factor is that their temperament is different. Children who watched “too much” TV were harder to soothe due to the fact that the television was what had the greatest calming effect, As children become older, technology becomes less of a problem. Having internet access that is monitored by an adult can be very beneficial for a child’s academic success. There are millions of apps out there that cater to children’s educational needs. Having access to technology also gives our children a head start to our technologically advancing world. Being exposed to this as a child gives them the advantage later in life. I think if a parent needed guidance on screen use for children I would tell them to do their research and visit some websites. A couple of websites I would recommend would be esrb.org which isĀ  website that gives ratings for entertainment software, and medialiteracyproject.org.

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