Gender restrictive or gender inclusive?

I grew up in a conservative, southern town where stereotypical gender roles were given to the vast majority of families I grew up around. Most of the women were considered selfish if they decided they didn’t want to have children, and most of the men weren’t considered masculine if they didn’t enjoy sports or hunting. My family was actually very inclusive when it came to gender roles despite the town we grew up in. My parents encouraged me to be a strong, independent woman when many girls in my hometown were taught to be submissive. I was taught to speak my mind and to be assertive. They always told me that I could do anything any one else could do as long as I was determined to do it. My father was also the main cook in our house, which was odd for a southern family. He was the one t teach me to cook for my family, but it was never expected that I had to be the one to cook because I am a woman, He taught me out of the sake of learning. I feel like despite the town I grew up in, I was taught a lot from my family about gender inclusive behavior.

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