Rayna James: Parenting done the right way.

For today’s blog post, I am going to be discussing the parenting style of the character Rayna James from the show Nashville. I would think that Rayna James practices an Authoritative parenting style. In many quarrels with her daughter, she makes it a point to communicate with her daughter about the reasons behind the problem and calls for open discussion about the issue. She doesn’t just look for control of the situation, but also looks for growth from her daughter’s mistakes. She sets extremely clear expectations when it comes to her rules. Her kids know what behavior is expected of them. She tells just about everyone that she meets how important her family is to her and is very affectionate towards her two daughters. They are told numerous times throughout the show how loved they are by their mother. I believe that Rayna James is an excellent character for parents to look to when thinking about how they would like to parent.

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